BeebEm in WebAssembly

The unix version of BeebEm, written in C++ and SDL, has been compiled into WebAssembly using Emscripen.

Try it out!: BBC Model B or Welcome Disc or Elite

BeebEm 0.0.13 has support for Emulation of BBC model B, B+, Integra Board and Master 128 and support for Acorn 65C02, Acorn Z80, Torch Z80 and Acorn 80186 second processors.

I'll write up the process in a short while - the code was updated to use SDL2 and to load discs over the web. The sound is still crackly and needs some work. Chrome requires around 130Mb of memory and performance should give 50fps at 1 x speed, with WebAssembly now supported in most browsers. Uses standard BeebEm keyboard mappings. Still work to do on different keyboard layouts and a soft keyboard for mobile.

Press F12 for the menu (fn-F12 on Mac).
BREAK is the Break key on PC and fn-Backspace on a Mac

You can also pre-load games (e.g. from in the url when loading:

Arcadians | Elite | Snapper | Repton 3 | Chuckie Egg |

...load your own by passing in /beebem.html?disc1=[url]

Loading of ROMs is also now supported (e.g. from

WordWise-PLUS | Inter-Word | Pascal | Lisp | Forth

...load your own by passing in /beebem.html?bbcromd=[url]
(bbcromd, bbcromc are currently mapped - remember to url-escape e.g. + is %2B)

Source and details on how to build at